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“Cloud Stories is the world’s coolest accounting podcast” A guy on the Internet told me this once, and I choose to believe him!

The Cloud Stories podcast explores how business solutions integrate with online accounting software (Xero, MYOB and or QBO), and can, in turn, automate processes and improve productivity and profitability. By sharing Cloud Stories from the community listeners gain insights into how small businesses and advisory services can thrive in a brave new world of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robots.

Over the years, Heather Smith has interviewed Accountants • Bookkeepers • Business Consultants • Cloud Advisors • Cloud Integrators • Developers • Small Business Owners • and Solution Providers • who have generously shared their own Cloud Story on the popular podcast.

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Feb 28, 2023

On today's episode I’m bringing you the energy and excitement of interviews from the Xero Brisbane Roadshow.

Here’s the order of who I’m talking to. I do try to introduce them at the start of each segment, but sometimes things don't go as planned.

  • Kylie Wing CMO at Approval Max a tool for getting your bills and expenses approved and paid on time;

  • Evan Barker General Manager at Synnch a tool for assisting with your R&D Tax Incentive;

  • Tony Harcourt Co-Founder at a comprehensive job costing and optional stock control solution for SMB’s

  • Corey Cacic Founder and CTO of Annature a tool for affordable eSignatures and Identity verification;

  • Colleen Diver who is the Managing Director at Logic HQ Pty Ltd. Colleen Diver was also one of the early Xero Account Managers in QLD & NT. She was also the original founder of Diverse Business Consultants, the business featured in the Xero keynote address. As well as diverse being a play on her name Diver, she told me she named the business Diverse because at that time she was diverse and worked across MYOB, SaaSu and Xero, until, in her words Xero eventually won her heart.

  • And it's an Aussie podcast, so we can never have too many Kylies!  Our second Kylie on the episode!! Is …

  • Kylie Drury Director of Sales and Operations at FishBowl. Fishbowl is manufacturing and warehouse management for repeat products. It’s suitable if you're doing the same thing all the time and managing a production line. If however you’re doing something custom or bespoke then you’d look at WorkGuru. It’s important to understand the difference between inventory solutions in the market.

  • And finally David Boyar Tedx speaker, CEO of Change GPS and Host of From the Trenches podcast and conference joins the show. At his request his segment was heavily trimmed, so hopefully I’m sharing the good bits, and that’s why that interview is a little bit choppy.

I’m grateful to strategically partner with a number of apps who support me, to support the community. In this episode, full disclosure I strategically partner with Approval Max, Annature and You can find full details of how I strategically partner with businesses on my website.

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 I’m Heather Smith and you've been listening to the Cloud Stories podcast.